From a General Dentist: 4 Daily Oral Hygiene Mistakes

One of the best people to talk to about keeping good daily oral hygiene practices is your general dentist in Parkesburg. With their years of knowledge and experience with the latest technology and best practices, this is the best person to answer and guide a patient in the daily practices involved with a healthy smile.

In this article, a dentist shares four common mistakes that people make when practicing their daily oral hygiene routine. Although they are easy to make, correcting them and taking on good practices is the best solution. These mistakes are easy to fix and are nothing to worry about!

Mistake #1 – Hard bristled toothbrushes

Although certain times using a hard bristled toothbrush is necessary, for day to day use, this is not the case. Although some people may think that harder means cleaner, with teeth and gums, this is not true.

Our general dentists in Parkesburg will typically always tell and explain to their patients that using a hard bristled toothbrush every day can cause irritated gums and be tough on the tooth enamel. The best thing to do is to use a soft-bristled toothbrush in daily use. If there is a time that a hard bristled toothbrush is needed, a dentist will let you know and also explain how to use it without damaging the teeth or gums.

Mistake #2 – Not flossing

Although it is one of the most commonly skipped steps, flossing is much more important than people realize. Brushing the teeth twice per day does a great job for cleaning and knocking away particles of food that are left over, but it does not get the hard to reach crevices.

However, by flossing this gets in the hard to reach spots that a toothbrush cannot. Knocking these particles and pieces of food loose is vital. By doing this, it will ensure that no bacteria or plaque begins to form between the teeth where it is hard to see.

Mistake #3 – Not bushing twice per day

With the busy lives that people have nowadays, it can be easy to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” However, the two minutes that it will take to brush the teeth can make a much bigger difference than most may realize.

Keeping an excellent oral hygiene routine is the number one thing someone has to do to avoid plaque buildup, cavities and other possible oral health issues.

Mistake #4 – Skipping twice per year dental cleanings

Having two visits to the dentist per year is vital. Not only does it give patients the chance to have a full cleaning, but it also lets the dentist spot any possible trouble spots. Although keeping excellent oral hygiene at home is essential, issues can arise for people with even the best at-home routine.

Giving the dentist a chance to spot these issues and fix them before they grow into more significant problems not only saves time in the long-run but money too!

Have more questions about possible oral hygiene mistakes or how you can have the best at-home care routine? Give our general dentist in Parkesburg a call any time, we are always glad to guide you and answer any additional questions. Call us today!

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