Dental Implants

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Dental Implants services offered in Parkesburg, PA

If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants offer a permanent replacement option. Implant dentistry is an area of expertise for Tejas Patel, DDS, of Dental Excellence of Parkesburg in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. Call or click to book a personalized consultation today, and learn what dental implants can do for you. 

Q & A

Why replace missing teeth?

When most people think about missing teeth, it’s the aesthetic implications that come to mind. While missing teeth can certainly change the way you feel about sharing your smile with the world, there are also serious dental health issues to consider.

Each of your natural teeth is anchored directly into the underlying bone tissue. When you chew or bite down, you stimulate that tissue, keeping it healthy and strong. Losing a tooth means losing that stimulation.

The bone beneath a missing tooth can begin to slowly wear away in a process called resorption. This can weaken the connection between your remaining teeth and bone tissue, which can in turn cause additional tooth loss. 

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a permanent restoration for one or more missing teeth. You can have an individual implant or a system that replaces an entire upper or lower span of teeth using just four implanted posts.

Individual implants consist of a metal post installed directly into your bone tissue. The visible portion of a dental implant is a custom dental crown. Some implant types use a small connector piece called an abutment to connect the crown and post. 

Dental implants are the most durable of all tooth replacement options. While they do cost more than options like a bridge or dentures, it’s important to understand that even the best set of dentures or top quality bridgework will eventually need to be replaced, which must be factored into cost considerations. 

What are the steps involved in getting dental implants?

The planning stage is arguably the most important part of getting a dental implant. Your dentist gathers advanced imaging to learn more about your teeth and bone tissue.

Dr. Patel uses state-of-the-art software to design a customized treatment plan made just for you. This plan shows your dentist the precise angle for placing the implant within your bone. 

On the day of your procedure, an injection of numbing medication ensures you are comfortable from start to finish. Your dentist uses a scalpel to create an incision in your gums and gain access to the bone tissue beneath. 

A small pilot hole guides the insertion of the post portion of the implant. Your dentist closes your gum tissue around the post and the healing process begins. It takes more than a month for your bone tissue to fuse to the implanted post. 

At that point your custom crown is ready, and you return to have it checked for fit and appearance before being cemented into place. This completes your implant procedure, and your smile will be fully restored. 

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